The Life of a Ugandan Graduate PART1 (A TRUE LIFE STORY)

It was a very glorious day in every aspect, I had passed my final semester exams and was to graduate, it was a fruitful three years and I envisaged a bright future. A few months later, I walked with pride to the #Freedom square with my classmates smiles from one year to another and a glance at the face of graduands that day would tell a story. The next day the sun rose and set, weeks would pass by, monthly too, days that were glory filled slowly turned into an array of pain, the candle that was lighting brightly was lighting dim. I was one of the few of my classmates that boarded that bus, #Swiftsafaris to be precise and off I was headed for Mbarara. In that city, I was to start a life I still loathe if I landed on it. I see you are almost asking, “Where was he between June and January the month he graduated?” I was in Ibanda, a humble district in Western Uganda. Fast forward I was in Mbarara for three months and graduated with a diploma in watching Television, Degree in Resume writing and application writing, a Masters of walking on foot and a PhD in lack of what to do, I joined the famous Exodus to Kampala. On April 6th, 2014 I became the newly born child of Kajjansi and there I got my citizenship. Unlike many of the Youth though who go to Kampala without a clear plan, I had one; I wanted to open an Electronics shop. Little did I know that Mrs. Musisi and his boys would later claim my downfall? The first week was a success and you guessed it right, I was still loaded. However I didn’t know I was drawing close to the day I would make the greatest mistake in the modern Kampala. A few days after I started walking around Kajjansi looking for a #Kiosk, Yes! That doomed kiosk! Later, I got one at 700,000Ugshs. I was happy and relieved that day but so naïve and inexperienced. I got where to fix it and fixed, I won’t take you through the process because it’s one that reduces me to a #Motherfucker whenever I recall it.  Slowly my shop was setting off until a very dependable friend called me and told me how they had ‘arrested him’ and he needed 100,00Ugshs as soon as possible. This is a friend who had helped me through thick and thin, if I had an option in my right conscience it was one; to help him. I boarded a taxi from Kajjansi to town and then from town to Makerere and I saved my friend, I remained with 200,000Ugshs. What did he say? He was to pay me after two weeks but wait; I had planned to go for shopping at Namirembe road the next day. So as you guessed, everything was postponed and that was the beginning of the end. It took my friend a month to pay me but by the time he paid me, I had remained with 100,000Ugshs. I got a simple loan too from my friend, 100,000Ughs to be exact and shopped. I started seeing light and joy, a future of success was evident because I had jumped the hardest step “Starting”. Throughout this time I dropped countless volumes of my Curriculum Vitae and application letters to a sea of offices in Kampala. Two weeks later my Landlord told me KCCA (Kampala City Council Authority) wanted Kiosks off that road in less than Three days, my heart was broken and to be sincere I didn’t even have any money with me enough to just shift the Kiosk. A week later, my Kiosk was gone and everything I could think about was suicide. The only friend I told about my Kiosk demise is Twine Victor and I chose not to break the heart of my mother who had gotten me the 1million loan. Thank God by the time I had paid 250,000Ughs and was remaining with 750,000Ugshs. I walked like I was Pentagon on 11th September, 2001 if you can understand this, thank you! Slowly my soul was dying out and I couldn’t talk to anyone until a month later when I choose to visit the Chaplain of Christ the King Church Msgr. Kalumba, talked him through the troubles I was passing through and got some counseling. I wasn’t yet done I paid a little money and reclaimed my #Kiosk and sold it at a loss of 200,000Ugshs. I had since childhood harbored a passion for photography; I ran to Kampala town and bought myself a camera a Nikon Coolpix L320. I swear I was covered with relief as I moved out of that shop, at least this time I had treated a path of my passion. And it’s to this effect that I thought of returning to Mbarara, I did. And I did it at a time when no one expected me to comeback. I had read of an opportunity in U.B.O.S in the last concluded Census to be a parish Supervisor and I decided to apply and as I took my documents to my home Parish, I did not go back to Kampala. I did not curse Kampala however, I had learnt my lessons in what it takes to start a business, attended the East African ICT and Banking Summit and the National Information Security Framework Stakeholders Validation Workshop, made countless friends, for the first time making a pilgrimage to Namugongo shrine from Kajjansi, done many odd jobs I thought I would never do and had applied for as many jobs as I could. TO BE CONTINUED!


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