The Lion and the Lioness. Who really rules the Jungle?

Since my childhood i always read about story tales of the Animals and how they behaved. These stories were always directed towards delivering particular lessons which up to now have helped me in the way i live my life. The animals that always stood out in those stories were always the hare and the Lion for their intelligence and bravery respectively.

The biggest story that touched me was when the Hare put the bravery of the Lion to test. A one Mrs. Cow had killed a cub and asked refugee from all the powerful animals in vain. The hare heard about the cow’s problem and offered to provide shelter to her, the cow too was in dismay of the risk the Hare had taken. Meanwhile the Lion heard about the existence of the cow at the Hare’s place and came hurriedly to get the cow and finish it off.

The Hare was wise. It had one Lion skin and twelve glass windows and on seeing the Lion, he warned if you don’t leave this place immediately I will kill you! No one would bet a Hare killing a Lion isn’t it? It went on to boast of how he has killed twelve lions and how he would show him the twelve skins he has; swearing that that Lion’s skin would be the thirteenth. He (the Hare) reached the first window and showed the first skin, he did this up window twelve and because the Lion didn’t know it was actually one skin, it ran for its dear life.

There are many Lions in Uganda that are scaring us because we think they are unbeatable, have tasted more blood, or we think we just can’t dare give our fight. In Uganda there are also Lions and Lionesses, don’t think about the ones in Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls or Kidepo valley national park, think about you. In the wild, Lionesses (Females) are mainly the hunters of the pride, while males only hunt when a big kill is involved or “the females have not given him a free lunch.” It also applies in the Uganda we are in today, some of us are not hunting and we think we are Lions and someone should hunt for us. We go wrong! Look at the quoted text, we are even too lazy to emulate the Lions of the jungle in that when the Lionesses don’t provide lunch, we can’t hunt for our own lunch. This has caused a generation of social tyranny, a ragged generation, a poor generation, a hopeless generation and ultimately a lost generation.

If you are still lost to where I am heading, look at the Lionesses of Uganda as our parents, politicians, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and so on. Unlike like the Lionesses in the wild that are eight times bigger than the Lions in numbers, that statistic has evaded us and speaks in opposite.

Our society highly filled with energetic young unemployed graduates has become a complainer’s society but it seems the Old guards (Lionesses, most of them) want them to be reduced just to that. They have played part in shaping a generation that doesn’t hunt but wants to eat, they have facilitated institutions to make the Youth #skill-less, #Hopeless, #workless, #moneyless and most painfully #VOICELESS.

They have made the old lions to think the only way to get money is through the politicians. If you think I am wrong, wait for January and see how Lionesses pretend to be sheep so humble to share what they have hunted in the past five years including the prey they took that did not belong to them but to the Lions. Its during that time when the Lions will not die of hunger, disease, psycho-social disorientation, undernourishment; it’s a time when there will be no discrimination against tribe, race and religion, it’s when an Unemployed graduate Lion with a bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery will be offered a job to operate cockroaches (Read : solicit votes on behalf of the lioness from the Unemployed, under informed, illiterate populace); it’s a time when the Lions will matter and they receive food even when they are too satisfied to swallow a grasshopper (Nsenene).

While all this happens, the problems that Lions face especially the young Lions (Cubs) face will not disappear, Unemployment will remain, inequality in sharing the national resources will remain, nepotism, bribery and corruption will remain, a divided pride of activist Lions will remain, poverty and hunger will remain and the resolve to solve all this will not be visible.

The million dollar question is: Can the Lion’s redeem their pride, go hunt and be Rulers of the jungle (Shape the way their country and resources are governed)? Yes they can.

First and foremost, the Lions of Uganda are favored by numbers and that means if they are united they should/can determine how they are ruled, what the Lionesses hunt, why they hunt it, what amount should they hunt and what shouldn’t they hunt. The other solution which is the most important is to go out there and be the hunters; this is addressed in its uniqueness to the young Lions (Read Youth). Can you go out to the hunting field and feel it, learn how they hunt and get your first prey? You should not wait.

This you can do through forming associations where you can always meet and discuss the possible ways of creating employment in the current times with the current situation in the Jungle. This however should be done carefully! If you are to go out of the jungle and sell Queens Jewelry when you have never bought a #doughnut and resold it, you are in trouble, if you are to engage in agriculture when you don’t know where millet flour comes from; at least in pictures you are headed for frustration. Many times we have blamed the Lionesses for forcing us into pursuing professions that are out of our passions but now there is another opportunity, go chase your passion and reason around it so that it can fetch you money.

This is a sound warning to the Lionesses who have become comfortable seeing a dormant pride of Lions, those that don’t hunt; that you have less time to sort out issues of snatching prey out of a friend’s (which doesn’t belong to you by the way), hunting only for your relatives, hunting what you are not supposed to hunt and making lives of your bosses (Lions) miserable. It’s now that you can give them an enabling environment to hunt, hunt with them like my friend said, share prey equally with in the jungle and work towards enhancing financial stability for every one living in the Jungle.

When two animals shout at each other for a longtime, one will attack and fight the other; make sure you are safe.

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