Wild animals leaving gazetted areas! Who’s responsible?

I remember the very first day I visited Queen Elizabeth National park, the joy I felt watching Hippos at Kazinga channel, the impalas, buffaloes and elephants but seeing a lion was more special. I felt it! And not even seeing one a year later at Entebbe wildlife conservation center could match the shivers and electrifying moments I had seeing a lion fighting a leopard live in queen Elizabeth national park.

However this was not the first time I was visiting the national park as the first came in 2000 when I was ten years old. I remember the anticipation when my dad told me I was going to Lake Mburo National park. There I fell in love with zebras, and antelopes though the animal that everyone made fun of and liked was a warthog. Since then I have been a candid admirer of wild animals especially Lions and elephants. Next month as I go home for Christmas, I plan to buy a #wildlife card from Katungulu.

With all the love I have for these wild animals however, I never thought of a scenario where I would have to watch them from my home compound or farm. This is a scenario that befell my village mates of Ruyonza Parish, Nsasi Sub county Ibanda district on Friday 30th of October 2015. I was soaked in a somber mood when I heard wild animals had attacked my village where I am born and killed a friend’s (Mr. Mwebaze) wife as she took her one cow to the pastures. This made me so sad and scared!

I tried to figure out Mr. Mwebaze’s grief as he tried to come to terms with the fact that his beloved wife who had woken up healthy and cheerful was gone; and the cause of death were wild animals that we have known to be as far as Queen Elizabeth National park in Kasese District. I had all reasons to be worried as I thought; what if my mother is the next?

I hurriedly contacted UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) via mail and a team was sent to hunt for the wild beasts. The next day I would call my mother who responded in a trembling voice as he narrated how one was seen in our farm through binoculars. As luck would be on the animal’s side, it rained cats and dogs killing all the hopes to catch the animal. As I write this, UWA has not reported any positive outcome in returning these beautiful but dangerous back to their precious homes (National parks). And of now, I have been trying to contact Mr. Asalu Edward the Conservation Area Manager U ganda Wild Life Authority in vain.

It’s from this background that I ask these questions;

Who keeps these animals?

If the animals leave the park and kill people and destroy property: who’s responsible?

And lastly, is it possible to prevent wild animals from leaving gazette areas?

With these questions and hoping they will be answered, I would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities for the work it does to promote Uganda worldwide and through Uganda Wild Life Authority implore you to put up measures to prevent wild animals from leaving their beloved homes (National parks, Game reserves and Conservation Centers) to cause scenes like that in our village. This will protect animals from unpatriotic Ugandans who might kill them out of anger or selfishness. And then whenever we want to see them, we can easily trace them and marvel at the beauty Mother Nature gave to the pearl of Africa.

It would be sad not to thank my father Mr. Asiimwe Grace the great head teacher of St. Theresa Primary school for being patriotic and seeing the need to focus school trips for pupils on National parks, Conservation centers and places of national history. How else would I have loved wild life and Uganda so much at an early age?

For God and My Country

#Uganda #Tourism #Wildlife #Deaths

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