Have you ever?

Have you ever posed and breathed relentlessly in awe of the wonderful things God put around us? This happens to me often. I am a candid admirer of nature and its surroundings; its through this that i get a piece of mind. Many times my heart, body, mind and soul is lost to the outrageous beautiful images and sights of nature that i can’t hear even the loudest of sounds.

Have you ever?

Have you ever sacrificed an evening of your life just to make a walk as you appreciate what is around us? The beautiful bird species and their thrilling sounds beautifully made to unlock the most hidden mysteries in you, the tall and short standing trees that make you wonder the kind of jewelry they wear and the kind of Vaseline they smear; the different insects swinging around the bushes and the glittering butterflies moving in a zigzag as they joke around and play; the miracle of the streams of water that burst from the earth to form the amazing wells, springs, lakes, rivers and oceans which all give humanity meaning.

Have you ever?

Have you ever picked your camera (never mind if its a phone camera) to just capture the beauty of nature that is around you? The ever changing cloud colors, the healing view of the sunrise and sunset, the sparkling gaze of lightning, the vibrant sights of wildlife in Ugandan national parks, and the garden-fresh crops that grace Uganda and feed her through their incarnation each season.

During Christmas Holiday like i have done always every time i get a chance took some of these photos that will live in my memory for a longtime. Enjoy the magical gaze of nature crafted in Ruyonza Village Ibanda District a place where my story begins!

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