Lying is a bad effort. A wasted effort! An effort that can only yield temporary pleasure but has capacity to cause undesirable and irreversible unpleasant effects.


This will probably be my least read post, but oh well.

“If you love her / him, lie to her / him. The truth will hurt her / him.”

“I lied to protect you.”

“You don’t need to know the truth.”

Whatever happened to the good old “the truth will set you free”. I do not understand why people convince themselves into believing that telling lies will save them from one situation or other. In telling lies, what starts off as a simple altercation will escalate very quickly into a really sticky and / or hairy situation. Lies do nothing but drag you deeper into a web that you may never be able to get out of or an irredeemable situation. Or if you do, you may need the help of a Horcrux, a Titan’s might and the intervention of a Scandinavian god. I believe that lying is tedious  work…

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