The Revolution of Wireless Internet in Bars, Hotels and Restaurants

I have been impressed recently by the growing number of Hotels, Bars and restaurants that have invested in Wireless Internet. I can clearly say this has diversified the hospitality and hotel business in Uganda with a touch of Technology whose impact on growth of the sector and the Ugandan economy at large can’t be underestimated.

Last week I was in Mbarara and I was particularly struck that all the Bars, restaurants and Hotels that I visited provided free WiFi to their customers . With the increasing need and use of the internet in the country and world, this has given a competitive edge to those that have that incentive. First and foremost, its easy for customers to identify with such places and also market them through customer kind of marketing. This is killing two birds with one stone. Customers loyalty especially among the young people that identify too much or are either too addicted to the internet find these places both perfect and convinient to hangout. You will indeed be astonished to learn the number of people flock these places just to access the internet and catch up with friends and what is happening in the world.

That of course shows how it has been a big plus especially to clients. Information sharing has been made so easy with WiFi and existence of high speed internet only adds a good taste to an already existing range of apps available for usage particularly in Uganda.

If a survey was to run now, you will find out that almost half of the population in Urban areas owns a smartphone in Uganda. If your guess is as good as mine, it was only inevitable for Bars, restaurants and hotels to introduce free internet access in a bid to pull customers to their side. And at this rate if you find WiFi at a #washingbay you shouldn’t be surprised as this is the way to go.

With increase in the number of Telecom companies providing cheap internet, it also becomes easy to finance such an investment. However there are organised that are still stuck in the wild (either seeing the Internet as an enemy to their businesses or completely unnecessary). I remember a friend of mine who used to make a stop at Cafe Ark before reporting at work to finish online assignments because they was no such fast internet at her workplace. This informs why organisations should find this a lucrative venture to aid their workers complete assignments on time and efficiently, respond to emails timely, grow their careers by taking on online courses and collaborate easily in a fast changing world. I have seen many Journalists collaborate on whatsapp, at Hima Cement Ltd almost all departments have whatsapp group for easy collaboration on work related activities. Therefore employers should start looking at the internet and across range of apps as friends and not enemies to their business and therefore empower their employee to use such tools to improve their productivity.  Someone may ask, what are the lessons other businesses can learn from the various investments in this Venture (Wireless Internet)? I have exemplified that in a few lines above. Its simple! Embrace Technology.

Well in this information dominated age; in a Society where information capture, sharing and retrieval have become an essential part of our lives all these aided by the Internet, what are we doing to make it easily accessible, affordable and fast?

I invite my friend Mr. Muzaphal Kimbugwe and Willaps Uganda Ltd to write a full blog and answer that question? You will be making good money if you consider providing an enabling environment answering the above questions.

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