Youth In Uganda

Very interesting topic these days, Isn’t it? The Youth in Uganda suffer from Unemployment, uncertainty of what the future holds, confusion about career path and calling, loss of passion, lack of political space and many more challenges. However there are Youth who are full of energy, those youth who never sleep while looking for answers to different world problems while driven by the motivation to contribute to a developing world. These youth think innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; they think about creating new solutions and diversifying the current ones to make Uganda better. Some of these are geeks and technology driven as witnessed by the increasing number of tech apps and start-ups everyday.

These youth think of these/about questions daily;

What should I do to improve the life of other people?

How can people benefit from my existence in this world?

What should I do to change what I perceive to be wrong?

These men and women, boys and girls of our nations don’t think of the limitations to their capacity and dreams. They have committed themselves to attracting success and sharing it with their communities. We as a nation thank God for those youth who give us hope every day when our own has become as slim as a Fair fly; they have made us believe that if you work with a clear vision while evaluating what you do to make it better (your product, your service, your package) you can succeed.

I leave here a simple home work: “What have you done this year to improve your life as a young Ugandan?”

“I jealously love Uganda to an extent that I feel shy to litter any part of my nation. I want my nation to be clean 24/7. My citizenship and love for Uganda is inherent in the constitution and by my birth right. My love for Uganda is independent of politicians, kings and even my parents. I just love my country. You need to love Uganda too. It’s the only home that we have,” BARUGAHARE JAVILLA MAKOROGO

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